New distribution service for eBooks

CinnamonTeal Publishing has launched a new distribution service that will cater to electronic books alone. This service primarily targeted for the distribution of books in Indian languages will allow CinnamonTeal Publishing to leverage its association with several ebook distribution services around the globe and ensure worldwide visibility and availability for its titles. In addition to its revamped website dogearsetc.com, ebooks distributed by CinnamonTeal will also be available through smashwords.com and globalebooks.es, allowing its titles to be purchased on more than 100 websites and a wide range of devices.

CinnamonTeal believes that this service will allow publishers to make their books available worldwide without the extra hassles of printing and physical distribution, in a medium that is increasingly gaining currency among readers. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that ebook sales are increasing worldwide and while CinnamonTeal Publishing already provides ebook development services, this new distribution service will supplement that service and ensure that the produced titles are also now easily available to buyers. For new authors, especially those who wish to self-publishing, this service provides them the low cost option of doing everything electronically and altogether rejecting the option of producing copies in print.

This service will be available for all languages and books will be produced in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats. For more details, do write in to contactus@ cinnamonteal.in


At Lightning Speed

Distribution remains the ultimate challenge that self-publishing authors face, one that renders a book inadequate no matter how well written and produced. At CinnamonTeal we have tried our best to provide distribution services for our titles but these have been confined to India. Many authors wish that their book be available elsewhere. Our latest offering provides for just that.

Starting this month, we have entered into an agreement with LSI, an international POD distributor as a result of which we will be able to offer POD distribution services and make our titles available for buyers in Europe and North America. This agreement, allows us access to the following booksellers:

International USA
Adlibris Coutts Ingram
Agapea Eden.co.uk Amazon.com
Aphrohead Gardners Baker & Taylor
Amazon.co.uk Mallory International Barnes & Noble
Bertrams Paperback Shop Espresso Book Machine

We hope that this service will go a long way in making our titles accessible to a larger audience. We have always believed that our authors have told some beautiful stories. We are glad many more can now read them.

To know more about this service, email us at marketing@ dogearsetc.com