Publishing Next commences, "Where are digital books headed?"

CinnamonTeal unveiled its first ever International Conference "Publishing Next"-the next chapter in publishing has just begun. With the inaugural ceremony beginning at 9.30 am, the conference has evoked a large turnout of participants.
The first panel discussion dealth with the subject of "where are digital books headed?". Four panel members, James Bridle, Kailsh Balani, Prathiba Sastry, Radhika Menon, along with the moderator, Ms. Jaya Bhattacharji Rose deliberated on the scope of e-books in the quickly evolving media scene. Ms. Radhika Menon presented her views on the i-pads and the i-phones dominating the markets today. Digital books for children should aim at fulfilling the market demands of providing overall educative experience.
"E-books provide a window into the reading process" said James Bridle, Director of Bookake, U.K as he encouraged the use of e-books among all spheres, since they are more sophisticated and the content can be enchanced. Pratibha Sastry, Kailash Balani also shared their distinguished views on the subject. The session ended with an audience-panel discussion.

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