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From the time we have started our business, we realized that we needed to actively engage with our customers so that their feedback could, to the extent possible, be incorporated into the services we offer. While this may sound cliched, there was an ulterior motive: listening to customer feedback kept us in business.

The best feedback we have got from our customers is communicated through email or by phone. It is usually in response to a particular set of issues the customer has faced. However, there are some well-meaning customers who have gone out of their way and pointed out ways in which we could improve ourselves.

Many of the services we now offer, after close to three years in operation, are a result of such feedback. After our customers told us that that is what they'd rather have, we have worked upon providing streamlined shipping options, enhanced our book marketing services, vastly improved the quality of our hardcovers and introduced e-book and audio-book services. Those of you who have visited our website and found all the information you need there must know that it is in response to our customers' preference for full disclosure.

We believe we can go one step further. While we have only our side of the story to tell, we believe that many of our customers, especially the new ones, can benefit from the experiences of those who have already worked with us. We have therefore sought to develop a "community" where authors can freely discuss their books, the self-publishing process, the challenges faced in the process of self-publishing, the do's and don'ts and points to remember. This community is an attempt to tap into the collective wisdom of those participating. In the process, we feel that we too might gain from the candid feedback that emerges.

So I welcome you to our community. I request you to set aside your inhibitions and freely discuss here. No question is frowned upon, no query too rudimentary. We hope you will all enjoy participating here and that you will participate in the spirit we have sought to develop - that of unbridled curiosity.

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