Technologies of the future-Indian and UK entrepreneurs

Presentations by UK and Indian entrepreneurs were organised on the topic of “Future technologies that bridge the divide: Making good in the absence of a supply chain.” The first presenter was Gavin Summers a Digital Services Manager from the UK. He suggested an innovative digital strategy called ‘Dynamic Learning’ and ‘Practise Every Question’ to improve on the print text book. The future of this technology, he said was to ensure accessibility of the book from anywhere, enable collaboration and keep the pace of change in tune with the market.
‘Valobox’ another novel idea was presented by Oliver Brooks from the UK. He discussed with the audience the idea of web-friendly books that have the characteristics of pay-as-you-go, peer-2-peer, premium content layer and revenue for publishers.
Titash Neogi discussed “Themeefy” an online book reading format which also serves as a platform for curated content. His presentation emphasized on the rethinking of fundamental business and personal values.
The next speaker was awarded the British Council’s Young Entrepreneur award in the current year. Ganesh Ram KR spoke about Mobileveda and eMahatva.

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